Importing device appliances

Import and export process:
We provide import of various types of electrical appliances. We also provide import and export for third parties, including the use of our business licenses. Our operation stages go as follows:

Finding products and services:

A code is assigned to each customer separately and the business is followed up in real time

Determine the client's requirements and needs from the intended market

Search for the required products and choose the best prices

Submit an initial price offer to the customer and take approval for it

Agreement on the method of payment, receipt and delivery

Goods receipt and processing:

The receipt takes place within the company's warehouses in the concerned cities

Follow-up and supervision of the receipt process and checking the recipient with the customer

Preparing the goods in the process of packaging and completing all the documents required for shipment

Shipping process:

Choosing the best carrier lines within the global networks of maritime and air transport

Final check of all sent goods

The issuance of the policies and certificates necessary for the shipping process, and it is done through contracts with international companies

Sending the goods by the agreed upon methods and keeping the customer constantly informed of the shipment path, updating its data and customs clearance in the destination country according to the agreement between the company and the customer

Receipt process:

It takes place within the company's warehouses or in the places agreed upon with our client

Ensure correct and error-free delivery

Documenting previous operations with the customer's files in the company's account

Sea, air and land freight:

Air freight (weights or volume):
We provide express shipping service from nearby airports to originate goods to the desired destination. As well as ensuring proper packaging of the goods. It is the ideal way to charge fast

Land freight (devices of all sizes):
This service is the least expensive among the types of shipping, and our company guarantees the safety and security of your goods, regardless of their type and size, and they reach the other destination on time. You just have to contact our employees and determine the type of goods and their destination, and we will take care of the rest of all services

Sea freight (containers):
It is optimal for shipments of large volumes and the most economical, as our company provides high speed and efficiency according to the shipping lines dealt with. We also pack the goods to suit the sea environment, and provide them to you with both partial and total shipping, FCL - LCL
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